Understand your RV’s weight issues
July 18, 2017
Understand your RV’s weight issues
July 18, 2017

Protect Your RV’s Tires & Roof

RV tires exposed to the sun much of the time become weak, as storage under direct sunlight can lead to damage that you can’t even see.
Perhaps, your tires still look fine, however, chances are that they can disintegrate and cause an accident while you are on the highway. Not only can this ruin your entire trip, but it can have very dangerous consequences.

Protect your tires from sun damage
Store your RV at an indoor storage. You can even try to protect other sun-sensitive surfaces with covers, to prolong the life of your RV.
Moreover, always check the tires closely each time before you head out on the road.

Goodyear regarding RV tires:

“Ideally, a vehicle in storage should be placed on blocks to remove all weight from the tires. If the vehicle cannot be put on blocks, follow these steps for tire protection:
Completely unload the vehicle so that minimum weight will be placed on the tires
Inflate tires to recommended operating pressure plus 25%. Ensure that the rim manufacturer’s inflation capacity is not exceeded
Be sure the storage surface is firm, clean, well-drained and reasonably level
Avoid moving the vehicle during extremely cold weather
Move the vehicle at least every three months to prevent ozone cracking in the tire bulge area, as well as “flat-spotting” from the prolonged strain of sidewall and tread deflection
Adjust inflation before putting the vehicle back into service. ”

Ensure longevity of your RV’s roof – Protect from dirt
You can few additional steps to ensure that the roof of your RV remains protected from sun damage. Start by trying to keep the roof as clean as possible, since dirt contains acids that can cause portions of your roof that is made from rubberized material to crack. We suggest that you use a mild soap and a brush with soft bristles to clean the roof. Clean the roof thoroughly and seal the surface using a silicone based sealer.
Bonus: Remember, the higher the content of silicone in the product, the greater UV protection it will offer.