List Of Must Haves for Your RV

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July 18, 2017
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July 18, 2017

So, you’ve finally purchased your dream recreation vehicle? It is important that you equip it with all must haves that are needed to ensure that you have a stress free travel.

Tire Minder
This usually costs around $300 and monitors the pressure of your tire and temperature. Although, the set may appear to be a little overwhelming, however, you would get a hang of it in very little time.

Roadside Assistance Membership
Accidents are prone to happen. You will never know, when you might be in need of a tow. Roadside assistance has you covered each time you are faced with a desperate situation.

Wi-Fi Connectivity
We are so accustomed to using the Internet to not only watch movies, but to search answers to even the smallest questions such as how to make an egg. Having internet connectivity while on the road is very essential. We suggest that you sign up for a Wi-Fi hotspot device, along with data services with at least two carriers.

Solar Panels
Solar panels are a onetime cost that prove to be very useful in the long run. While, a small solar panel can keep your battery running, a four panel thousand watt system can power all your electronics.

Your goals for purchasing an RV probably involved going in long exciting trips. However, an easy to read GPS is one gadget that you mustn’t forget to include in your list of must haves.

Vent Covers
This is an absolute must have for every RV! Vent covers allow you to leave your vents open and provide additional ventilation, while you are on the road.
Smart RV
This device looks much like a cell phone and costs around $400, can track every movement of your RV, monitor battery levels, and allow you to share details of your trips with friends.

Good Vacuum
Let us remind you that chances are that each time you go on a trip in your RV, you will be staying at campsite. In other words, you will be bringing dirt, dust and even bugs inside your RV. Therefore, having a top quality vacuum cleaner is an absolute must have to keep you vehicle nice and clean.

While, the list remains to be never ending, it is important that you always carry the basics such as chargers, rubber gloves, tools, chairs, folding ladders, good-quality sewer hose, etc.,