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July 18, 2017
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July 18, 2017

Whether you are a newbie or have maintained your maintained your RV over the years, it is important to take under consideration, certain measures that you can take to repair your RV, while you’re on the road.

Imagine your RV breakdown in the middle of the road. Where will you go? What will you do?

As much as we all fear the unexpected, it is better to prepare early than late.

Here we have five (5) measure you can take, in the event that your RV is in need of a repair:

Battery failure
Battery failure is perhaps one of the most dreaded thing that could happen, while you’re on the road.
Check fluid levels of your battery on regular basis, to avoid a battery failure. However, if something like this does happen, check the fluid levels, to see if that might be the problem. Next, you can try to charge your battery, by hooking your rig into an AC power source.

Refrigerator or water heater won’t work?
Chances are that your propane tank may be empty. Start by checking the level of your propane tank by pulling it out of your rig and checking if it feels light.

However, if you tank is heavy and full, we suggest that you use a soapy spray to check your hose connection, and fittings for any leaks. Clean out any debris that may be present; to prevent rust from building up.

Repair a damaged roof
While, it is essential to personally check the roof of your RV and ensure that it is there isn’t any sign of wear and tear, it is just as important for you to repair a damaged roof. There a number of patch kits, readily available in the market that you can purchase. However, make sure that the patch matched the texture of your roof. In the event that you don’t have a patch kit available, you can temporarily repair your roof by using RV roof sealing tape.

Call roadside assistance
In the event that your RV’s tire blowout, or your brakes start to show signs of malfunction. It is suggested that you pull off the road as soon and as safely as possible. While light traffic can allow you to change a flat tire following the standard procedures, it is suggested that you seek help from roadside assistance if your tire blows out in the middle of a very high trafficked road.